I love … Dancing


The first post on my blog had to be I love dancing.  Where do I start?!?!

just a few of the words that spring to mind when I think of dancing

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As a little girl I was desperate to learn to dance and nagged my mum, as I only I know how, until she gave in!

Whilst learning to dance I focussed on the techniques of the different styles from ballet, tap, character, national, disco (freestyle), modern through to theatre craft, and was always told I had ‘beautiful feet’, but found it harder to perform (show off) as I was afraid of getting the feet wrong if I got too cocky!  Over time, my confidence grew along with the love, allowing dance to be a full body experience.  Now, as an adult, dance is my life.  I wouldn’t be without it and it means so much more than pointed feet, clear tap sounds and the like.  It’s a combination of the music, movements and the wonderful people who you share the classes with, that I lose myself in the dance and the moment every single time, whether as a participant or a teacher.  Learning and perfecting the movements and routine, increasing strength and flexibility while enjoying myself, there really is no better way to spend an hour or two than dancing both in class with others, or even at home/in the garden!

If you want a taste of what I mean, find yourself a dance class.  If you live in Leicester come along to the Dance Fit Studio where I do some of my teaching or contact me for the latest details of what I’m up to.


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