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I love … my husband


It was our 6th Wedding Anniversary yesterday and we spent a lovely weekend in Ironbridge – 6 years is iron (or sweets, but in the interests of saving our teeth and waistlines iron was the better option!)

Here’s a picture of us on our Wedding day on 16th September 2006.
We got married at St Peter’s Church in Glenfield, Leicester at 12 noon then spent the rest of the day at Beaumanor Hall, Leicestershire.
It really was a lovely day surrounded by our family and friends.

We’re quite different really but compliment each other:

  • I’m a bit of a chatterbox where he’s much quieter (maybe cos he doesn’t get a word in?);
  • He’s really laid back, almost horizontal, whereas I’m much more highly strung;
  • I’m a vegan – he’s a carnivore – this causes fun when we book restaurants as we have to check that they can feed me, then when it comes to making to booking in the name of Bacon you can hear them doing a double take at the end of the phone!;
  • He’s like a walking radiator while I’m almost always cold.

That said, we get on really well and hardly ever argue about things.  We both support Liverpool Football Club, enjoy walking in our beautiful countryside, watch gruesome tv shows and films (i.e. Dexter, Bones, House), love chocolate cake, despise spiders.

Talking of cakes I’d better go and check on it – heart-shaped vegan chocolate fudge cake 😀 !!