Hello, my name is Alison.  I’m 35 and live in Leicester, UK with my husband Mark and my bunnies Flower and Petal.

I was diagnosed with stress/depression in November 2011 following a collection of unfortunate events and in order to focus on the good things in life I decided I’d crete a blog to share the things I love with the world to try to help me remember the good things and to help other people out there realise that there are things to be positive about.

I am getting better, despite various issues that keep rearing their heads, and I’m finding that I can cope with the less-than-good things in a more balanced way.

I’m very lucky that I have dance in my life and you might notice a bit of a lean towards dance and all things creative in what I love.

I hope you enjoy this blog and that it helps you.  Please feel free to comment and share your experiences.



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  1. I roamed over here through your adorable bunnies. I think it’s an amazing idea to keep a happy journal of what you love – this might really help to make your day brighter. Good luck with the project!

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